Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension is a technique that allows you to make your lashes longer and more luxurious. Depending on the purpose, eyelash extensions can even be used to correct the shape of the eyes. 

We offer 4 sets of eyelash extensions.

Classic Set 

The procedure is the gluing of artificial material to the base of the eyelashes using a special adhesive.  The classic extension is different in that each eyelash is glued separately one by one. If you want a natural look that type of eyelash extension is for you. 

Light Volume Set 

This type of eyelash extension involves gluing 2 or 3 cilia per natural eyelash

Provided that the 2D -3D technique is correctly implemented, it is possible to achieve a spectacular double volume, when compared with the natural look.  For everyday wear, it is best to choose villi that have the same length.

Volume Set

This type of eyelash extension involves gluing up to 4 cilia per natural eyelash. This volume set is most suitable for girls who love wearing make-up.

Mega volume Set

This type of eyelash extension involves gluing anywhere from 5-12 cilia per natural eyelash. We determine the right lashes to use according to volume extension type and your type of natural eyelashes. For example, for someone looking for more volume, we use thinner lashes which will create a fluffier more voluminous look.  This set is great for those who love a good full face of makeup for a night out on the town.